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    Same day service & Next day delivery

    We carry a full-range of building materials and supplies.

    About EPBM

    El Paso Building Materials, is an El Paso company that has been locally owned for more than ten years. EPBM provides quality service, excellent products with professional experience. El Paso Building Materials provides building products like windows, hardware, lighting and much more for any home construction.


    El Paso Building Materials offers a variety of affordable and energy star products for any home construction project including lighting, vinyl windows and much more. We also have products to upgrade your home and give it the look you love. We also have a large selection of wood windows. EPBM helps to make your home look extraordinary.


    El Paso Building Materials offers a wide selection of commercial products including sur-loc door hardware. Commercial grade locks, panic exit devices, door closers and much more. Call us today for full details.

    Complete Line of Quality Products

    Western Window Systems

    Western Window Systems has focused on helping people live better through bold, innovative products that blend the indoors with the outside. Designed and built to the highest standards, Western Window Systems is more than just patio doors and windows. It's a way to change the space around you, beautifully and efficiently, for years to come.

    PlyGem Windows

    Ply Gem have the style, material and performance to match your window and patio door needs, architecture and your budget.

    Sure-Loc Hardware

    With its clean appearence, sleek lines and smooth functions, Sure-Loc offer a complete range of stylish and attractively priced residential door knobs and locks.

    Designers Fountain Lighting

    EPBM offers a complete line of stylish interior and exterior lighting solutions from Designer Fountain - distinctive lighting.

    Solar Industries Lighting

    Solar Industries manufacturers environmental friendly skylights and mirror doors to make living spaces healthy and enviormentally friendly.

    JELD-WEN Doors

    Stunning exterior doors is the first thing you see and they should make a lasting impression. Designed to deliver beauty and performance to any residential architectural style, JELD-WEN’s Collection of doors make a lasting impression.

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    Other ways to reach us

    • Phone

      (915) 599-1160

    • Facebook

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    • Hours of Operation

      Monday-Friday, 8-3pm

    • Mailing Address

      1101 Kessler Dr.
      El Paso, TX 79907
      United States

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